We won best short at the GenCon 2020 Film Festival!
We are an official selection at this year’s Art of Brooklyn Film Festival

Two professional game playtesters have just lost their best friend, the owner of their game company. What does it mean? Is there a pattern to the universe, or is it all just chaos? A poetic, sometimes experimental, sometimes sci-fi examination of meaning and the universe.

We just got into our first festival, the awesome Art of Brooklyn Film Festival!


Stephen Bradbury, Robert
Jennifer Sklias-Gahan, Ellie

Writer and Director – Arthur Vincie
Cinematographer and Colorist – Ben Wolf
Producer – Debarati Biswas
Sound Design – Matthew Sullivan
Music – Quentin Chiappetta
Production Sound – Philip Kim
Hair/Makeup Artist – Nichole Hernandez

Shot at Mekki NYC
Special thanks to Daria Sommers, Catherine Filloux, Mekki NYC